Say Goodbye To Your Eyeglasses!

What is Orthokeratology (OrthoK)? Dr. Ha is excited to offer a nonsurgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the curvature of the eye to improve vision while you sleep. It works each night while you sleep for eight hours. You put the lenses on when you go to bed and remove them when you wake up. Your vision is clear during the day, without glasses or daytime contact lenses. Now you can enjoy your days with clear vision at school, work, and playing sports without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses drying out your eyes during the day.

Understanding OrthoK Our eyes must be in focus for us to see clearly, just as a camera must be in focus to obtain a sharp photo. Light, which gives us vision, is focused largely by the eye's front surface or cornea. OrthoK gently molds or focuses the cornea while a person is sleeping, creating a sharpened image when they wake. Dr. Ha will design the OrthoK mold to obtain the change needed to achieve clearly focused vision. When the lens is removed in the morning the cornea begins to return to its original shape but so slowly that good vision is maintained all waking hours. Each night the process is repeated although some find they only need to wear their molds every other night, depending on prescription. The elastic tissue of the eye is not harmed by this daily process. OrthoK is safe and reversible. It is not a permanent alteration of tissue and thus is an excellent Lasik alternative for those reluctant or unable to undergo a surgical alteration of their corneas.

Who is a Candidate? The majority of nearsighted (myopic) individuals with healthy eyes can benefit from OrthoK, from children as young as seven years to adults in their 50s.

Will My Prescription Work? OrthoK treats myopia (nearsightedness), the condition where distance vision is blurred. Prescription powers up to about -7.00 are generally treatable. Astigmatism, a common optical condition where vision is distorted due to uneven curvatures of the eye surfaces, is treatable in low to moderate amounts. Some doctors using specialized OrthoK lenses routinely exceed these levels for many patients with great success. However, sometimes with high astigmatism, we may only be able to achieve "good" vision rather than "terrific" vision. Hyperopia (farsightedness) is treatable but results vary.

Can my child have OrthoK? Patients as young as seven years old are excellent candidates and we make the decision based on their maturity, hygiene and motivation. These students are able to play, swim, participate in sports and other healthy activities without the problems of glasses or daytime contact lens wear. Perhaps the most exciting candidate for OrthoK is the young patient who has become nearsighted for the first time when there is a strong family history of nearsightedness progressing rapidly during childhood. The child whose nearsightedness has been proven to already be progressing is another excellent candidate. There is growing evidence that OrthoK can stop this progression.

Am I too old for OrthoK? Probably not! Patients over forty years old will generally need to consider the fact that near reading vision may be blurred, the same thing that happens to everyone with good distance vision as they get older. This condition (presbyopia) can be treated by modifying the power of OrthoK lenses, wearing reading glasses or other options that can be discussed with your doctor. Many patients in their sixties and seventies are wearing OrthoK lenses successfully.

What do I do next? The next step is visit Eyecon Optometry for a free consultation and we will let you know based on your prescription if you are a good candidate for OrthoK.

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